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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pic of Me..??

This is my real pic..it is the recent 1.
My full name is Alvin Piwan Ubang..and my friends call me several nae which are Abynn, Ben, Bibin and one of close friend often call me Shah Rukh Khan..

The reason y he called me that name because in his opinion, my face just look like Shah Rukh Khan...i wonder do i look like him??hmm..Shah Rukh Khan is one of biggest,famous and most talented actor in Bollywood and around the world..

But still I dont believe that my face just look like SRK..never..hahaha


  1. nak ney stu kau sbenany byn..aku mseh konfius..ssh nk bezakn eh..or duak2 ny gmba kau nk..~~